Saturday, March 17, 2007

Are more women than ever going commando?

Are you going commando?

My mother always told me never leave the house without clean underwear.  In case you got into an accident and they had to take you to the hospital, you didn't want anyone to see you in dirty drawers.

Boy, would my mother be shocked  today when about 15% of the population (both male and female) have chosen to "go commando" and leave their underwear at home.

What started as a fad among the young hotties of Hollywood who always need some publicity gimmick for the competitive edge, has caught on like wildfire in a dry forest for the rest of the country. And while it might be something  the twenty-somethings have embraced, there are  plenty of women "over 40" who have abandoned their thongs for the pleasures of having nothing come between them and their Calvins.

So, are underpants a thing of the past? have some women and men decided that underwear is overkill when it comes to get dressed? Well one theory I have about the subject is that many women spend a lot of time, money and yes, some discomfort waxing their private parts. Ok, so if I am doing this so I can be smooth, silky and hairless why not take advantage of showing it off. It's not just that they are not wearing anything they want you to KNOW they are not wearing anything.

Of course, the world of fashion also has to take some responsibility for this trend since jeans are getting tighter and tighter and sweats and leggings have become part of a woman's basic everyday wardrobe. The very thought of a visible panty line caused women to give up the panty for the bikini, and the bikini for the for the thong.

While thongs may be considered sexy and have thousands  of women flocking  to Victoria Secrets, they are not  flattering to most  bodies and feel, like actress Joan Collins once said "Dental Floss for Your Ass."

The one thing that drives me nuts is seeing the "whale tail" on every other woman and girl on any given Saturday at the Mall. When the thong rides up over the top of your jeans it has all the fashion appeal  of dirty laundry.

But what about the medical ramifications of commando dressing? I remember in the 1970's when my good friend Maureen bought a pair of Sasson jeans and wore them with no underwear she wound up at the GYN's office with a major (and very uncomfortable) yeast infection. The doctor also told her that by putting the fabric right into the most intimate area of her vagina caused the dye from the material to rub off as she perspired causing a whole other set of problems.

I thought she was cool and a very forward thinker until I saw the antibiotics and creams she used for nearly a month. So the real issue here is that dispensing with your underwear is not so much the health hazard for infections but that it makes wearing very tight jeans easier and thereby causing major irritation.

One solution is to get some of those patches that go right onto your clothes and afford you protection while not sacrificing style and comfort. 


Then if you want it to all hang out you can do so knowing that some part  of you is covered.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

How Good Are Your Shoes?

I would rather buy shoes than anything else in this world including food.

Ever since I was growing up in New York, my mother and her sisters used to lecture me on the importance of a great shoe in every woman's life.

My Mother , who grew up during the Roaring 20's and as a young girl was a Flapper, always said people will know if you wear cheap shoes. So I always bought "good shoes". But how do you know, beyond the price tag, if a shoe is good. By that I mean, well made and worth the money you paid. Of course, a well made shoe is far more comfortable than a cheap one. It doesn't need to be "broken in."

Here is a simple test:

- Place a pair of a flat surface. If it is a high heel is it well balanced? Does it wobble? They should be perfectly balanced.

- Put two sizes next to each other. A size 7 and a size 9. The proportions should be the identical. To give this the acid test, put the two sizes next to each other. The heel of the larger size should be slightly higher.

- They should fit to the shape of your foot. When wearing a flat or a pump the sides should be flush with the foot. If you can get your finger in the back or side, the shoe is not made well.

And yes, how many pairs of shoes should any red blooded woman have? I have a friend who has 5 , she calls them her basic wardrobe. Well good for her. As for me, if this was the 18th century I would probably be in debter's prison for my shoe habit. So how much is enough or what does any one woman really need?

This is my latest version of your basic shoe wardrobe, given the current styles:

• One pair of a black leather slight round toe high heel pump. The heel height is whatever you can handle. From 1 1/2" to 4".
• A simple flat- I like a ballerina style or you can do one with a peep toe.
• One pair of open toe high heels.
• A loafer or moc style for casual wear
• Short boot
• Dressy sneakers

Of course, I have over 100 pairs but then again, I'm really into shoes:-)

Shopping tip: Buy shoes later in the day when your feet are slightly swollen not first thing in the morning. This is ultra important when you are buying boots.

Right now for Spring 2007 patent leather is so hot as is anything metallic. Yes, you can wear a silver or gold or copper flat for day. Same for velvet in the fall/winter. There is very little out there that is strictly day or night.

So go ahead and be nice to your feet and they will definitely take you where you want to go!

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I do solemnly swear to:

Wear the seasons fabulous shoes, handbags and jewelry

Wear only boots and booties with my narrow pants and leggings

Step out in style in a wedge heel

Make a splash in the boldest reds I can find

Never underestimate the power of black

Find and invest in the perfect handbag and keep it for years

Wear the biggest, boldest ring on my well manicured fingers

Never wear anything but a thong under leggings.

I will NEVER leave the house without a piece of big, bold gold jewelry




Leggings are so versatile because they cover the body yet are very sexy

Here is the skinny on how to wear the new, updated version of leggings.

- Matte black leggings go with everything from a long tunic to under a black cocktail dress.

- Ribbed leggings elongate the leg but make sure you don't OD on pattern. If you are doing a ribbed leg keep the top a simple texture and avoid thick rib knits and corduroy.

- Grey ones can be worn with dark, muted colors like deep maroon, navy and purple.

- Stay away and avoid sheers. The best are opaque. I know you have seen some celebrities in the magazines wearing white leggings but dark colors are the best. The white ones remind me of the long johns the cowboys wore in those old westerns.

- Don't forget proportion; whatever you wear over leggings should hit between the bottom of your tush (your bottom) and above your knees.

Keep your look from being dated. In the 70's and 80's we wore leggings as pants (remember the stirrup pants) Today's are accent pieces and worn in conjunction with something. In other words, they are not stand alone garments.

AVOID a thick legging. It can literally change the shape of your leg. Consider your figure when wearing them, as they can add bulk to the lower half of your body.

AND NOW THE SHOES - (my favorite subject)

Here is the nice thing about leggings- they work with almost every type of shoe- heels, flats, ankle boots.
Ankle boots, especially the rounder toed ones, look tough and sexy with leggings for either day or night.
Wear slim black leggings with heels. This not only looks FABULOUS but creates an illusion of a longer leg.
Flats and Mary Janes also work with leggings as do Ballet slippers.

Now raise your hand and take the pledge to make fashion for Fall all about having fun!

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Every fashion stylist and designer will tell you that jeans have become a wardrobe staple for women of all ages.

What were called "dungarees" or "Blue jeans" when I was growing up have now evolved into an American fashion classic.  No wardrobe is complete without at least two pair of jeans, one for casual and the other for dressy.

My " over 50 "  clients  ask me if they are too old to wear them . The answer is absolutely not, but, as with all fashion, not every look is for everyone.

Here are some guidelines that will help you wearing  jeans.

Remember! Jeans Rule! and here are some definite ones.

1- Wear the right cut and style for your age. Even if you are a size 2  and have a buff body, if you are over 40, forget those low riders with the rear exposure.  Not only will you look like you are trying too hard but your look will be so dated. The super low waists are history, They left in 2005.

2- If you are buying a very expensive pair of jeans remember - the simpler the better- don't spend  a ton of money on jeans with beading, or appliques or designs. These investment pieces should be clean and simple. This way, they will never go out of style and you can wear them with everything. If you MUST have a pair with cowgirl details like rhinestones or skull and bones, go to someplace like TARGET or WAL MART  and buy a funky pair that if they go out of style next week who cares. You didn't tap into your 401K  to pay for them.

3- Leave  your belt loops clean. Belted jeans are for cowboys. Update your look by wearing the belt over your shirt or top.

4- Remember this rule- Slim fitting or "skinny" jeans look best with a blousy top. Keep the line straight but not severe. One of the best ways to balance the look of a skinny leg is to tuck the jeans into boots. I like a short jacket with slim jeans. On the other hand, if you wear a wider leg pant, the top should be narrow. The big peasant top with flowing legs went out with Janis Joplin.

5- When you find the perfect jeans  (proportion, line, fit ) buy 2 PAIR- Hem one short for flats or sandals and leave the other pair longer for heels. I do this all the time when I find perfect black pants. If the fit is  right, I buy two pair right away.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Fall Makeup Has Stunning New Trends

There is a wider variety of colors, from the palest pink to muted purple and deep rich cranberry to the richest chocolate brown.

Textures will be in a wide range from luminous, sheer, to creamy matte.

For me, the highlights of the new collection is a new neutral eye-shadow color called, Silver Fawn. This will be the new bone or beige but will add some candescence to your eyes that the old neutrals never did.

Warning: If you use an eyelash curler use it on your lashes before you use mascara. If you do it after you run the risk of ripping them out.

Lipstick trick: When picking out new lipstick shade, test the color on your fingertip, not the back of your hand, as most women do. The reason is that your fingertip skin has the same blue tone as your lips.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

She finds the best deals on designer clothing every time

Georgia doesn’t know I’m writing this but I just had to do it.

You see, the people who read my own Jim’s Jems newsletter would not relate to this story but I know you will.

I tell people my wife is a shopper with a capital “S” and sometimes they think I’m exaggerating. You telll me if I am.

We were in the mall a couple of weeks ago and Georgia saw a pair of very cool boots. These were not your ordinary boots. They were DKNY furry winter boots, as seen in Vogue Magazine, and carried a hefty price tag of $600 (US).

Georgia said they were nice but she did not love them enough to pay the price. Neiman Marcus sold them out in a heartbeat. Her not buying them did not hurt the economy.

About a week later, she came walking in the house with the boots. She bought them at Marshall’s for $147! That’s about 75% off the initial price.

Now, I know, a lot of people do this in stores like Marshalls, but Georgia does it EVERYWHERE.

Last weekend we were in the Short HIlls, NJ mall.

We like it there. There’s an Apple store and some other places to distract me:-) and a Legal Seafood restaurant. My deal is we eat after she shops:-)

I met up with Georgia near the restaurant and she was all excited. I said, “OK, what did you buy?”

She proceeded to show me four tops. No, not the singing group.

She had two Donna Karen, a Dana Buchman and a Christopher, totaling $800.

I inquired as to what she paid. “I got all this for only $239 she beamed AND I had a $100 credit so I only spent $139.

I realize this is not something I’m wired to understand. To me, she spent $139. But thought you might enjoy the story.

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Be well,
Jim Donovan
The guy with no closet space.

PS. Don’t tell her I told you this. It’ll be our secret. But do take a look here

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Are You a Fashion Junkie?

Are You a Fashion Junkie?

Here are some examples of fashion overdose, 10 pairs of black slacks, 6 red sweaters, 5 navy blue blazers, 5 winter white skirts, and 5 pairs of black boots.

Weed through these and keep some of these and get rid of the ones that either don't fit or don't meet the three criteria.

But, and here is an important but, the next time you go shopping, before you take your credit card out of your pocket to pay for something, look at what you're buying and if it is one of those pieces that you already have, put it back!

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